Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New and Improved School Room :)

This was our school room.

But before that, this room was our living room. 

The green tea walls went well with our couch, the pictures, and the curtains we used to have up. Not our favorite color for a school room, but with a few wall decorations...we made it work.

Although we had bookshelves along the back wall, they were not deep, there were no doors, and they always seemed cluttered.

So, Big J (my hubby) built us 2 large cubbies. This helped out tremendously, but over the years, they seemed small and cluttered as well. 

I love this window!!!

However, the kiddos were outgrowing their table. 

So, we decided it was time to make some changes :)

First came the painting.

Then, J and his father made me new, taller, deeper cabinets.

We also swapped out the small table for a larger, adjustable one all of the kids could fit at. We also added baskets to the cubbies Jason had built earlier. (Helps hide the messier sections)

Big J rigged up our prayer map so it raises like a curtain when you pull on the cords revealing our dry erase board underneath. Hey, when wall space is limited...you gotta be creative ;)

We still have a little bit of painting left to do and Big J's dad is working on making doors to hide all the CD's, tapes, and other small books on the shelves at the back of the room. We would also like to add another basket or two to the cubbies, put up a larger world map on the left wall where the small one currently is, as well as replace our globe that recently fell apart, but past that...our room is pretty much complete...and...

we are loving it!!! 


  1. Great job! Our school room used to be our living room, also. Ours is way messing looking an cluttered even in a spacious room. I truly struggle with making the school area look neat. Sigh... I keep doing and re-doing. I so love cabinets that hide all the mess. Aren't they the best thing ever?! My fav thing here that I might have to use is the way you all rigged up the prayer map. I have a lot of window... excessive amount and I really struggle for wall space to hang things. I haven't thought to hang some things in layers. Great idea! I enjoyed sneaking in and taking a peek into your home.

  2. Awesome! I love it! You all did a great job. Love the cubbies!

  3. Oh, I love it!!! Love that great window, too!! ;)

  4. WOW! Looks great! Lots of hard work that paid off!
    You have some creative ideas! I also love your big window! IT brightens up the room and day!


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