Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sick days, book reports, and some gardening...Week 25 review

I forgot how little school work gets done around the house when one of the kiddos is sick.

Poor brown-eyed boy :(

In an effort to keep things a little more quiet around the house while my little brother, brown-eyed boy, was resting, instead of blaring their music while doing their workbooks, blue-eyed boy and brown-eyed girl opted for head phones.

Blue-eyed boy learned how to write his first book report this week.

By Wednesday evening, brown-eyed boy was right as rain. Thursday was catch up day for us (which was absolutely crazy) with a little left over for Friday. It was a beautiful day that Friday though, so after co-op, off to the park we went. Late that afternoon, Blue-eyed boy and Brown-eyed girl worked in the garden with their Dad.

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  1. At the park I heard you say that you had to do some more schoolwork, but I did not realize that you had a sick one in the week. Sorry to here that, but so glad he was better and we got to see you at co-op.... probably my last co-op for awhile. Tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock... baby will be here very soon.


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