Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilts, Games, and Snow Days - Week 22 Review

Well, 'Snow Day' was a wash, but we did get plenty of ice and the kiddos got an extra day of no school. Maybe we'll have snow next week...

All this extra time stuck indoors has allowed the kids to finish reading some of the books they have been working on. Aleeya finally finished up The Courage of Sarah Noble and Jase finished Mountain Born.

Illinois and Alabama are under our belts now. The kids debated on whether or not to pronounce the "s" at the end of Illinois. Their great-grandmother "Granny" is from the state of Illinois and pronounces it with the "s", so for now, that pronunciation has the most votes.

The kids had fun making their paper quilts.  

J opted for a cross pattern.

While A went with the 'grab and stick' pattern.

Being stuck inside left us plenty of time for games...even a few made-up ones.

Being stuck indoors also forced um...I mean...allowed Mom and Dad to finish up the rest of the painting in the school room and on into the dining room :)

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