Saturday, February 19, 2011


I got the idea for this Valentine from the church our homeschool co-op meets at. I didn't have a whole lotta time to get all the props together seeing that Valentine's Day was right around the corner, but I think they turned out well anyway...despite the fact we didn't have our cowboy hats :(

"The Brown-eyed Bandit" (I forgot to take a picture of the 'wanted' sign before we gave them away as Valentine gifts) 


  1. These are great, Pauline! I didn't even see anything like this at co-op! And I tell you what, all the pictures are adorable, but Stephen looks like he walked right off the set of an old western! :D

  2. These are great pictures! I bet the kids had a blast doing them!!!

  3. Thanks! Stephen and Jase were all too ready to pose for these pictures. Aleeya wanted to smile in every single one...even though I tried explaining to her that outlaws were supposed to be rough and tough.

  4. These are hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing :)
    Here from HHH.


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