Friday, October 7, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 10 - "Honey" the Police Dog

Our Week in Review

Field Trip - Yay!
On Friday, we had the pleasure of meeting "Honey".
Honey is a beautiful 2 year old police narcotics dog. She is trained to sniff out 4 types of drugs. The officer showed us how she does this by hiding something in one of the kids backpacks. She went from pack to pack sniffing. Just as soon as she found the pack containing the "illegal substance" she immediately sat at attention, very still, staring at the pack. It was pretty neat to watch. 
The kids had fun when the officer let each of them take turns throwing Honey her ball.

 They really got a kick out of racing Honey. Boy was she fast!


The art project we chose this week was to make flutes. The kids had a lot of fun decorating and playing their straw flutes. A word of warning though...I would snip off the sharp ends of the flutes and NOT allow the kiddos to walk around with them while playing them. We had one kiddo bump into another, the straw got shoved into his mouth, and he got a pretty good slice at the back of his throat. OUCH! 


We started the week off by watching a short movie from Netflix about biomes. The kids liked it and the narrator is pretty goofy, which is always a plus in my kids' minds. lol!

The kids took turns reading pages 94-95, 100-101, and 102-105 in Living World.  I did take MFW's recommendation and change the wording, however, we still used this opportunity to discuss the lies they may see in textbooks from time to time regarding evolution, apes, and humans.  


Kids took turns reading pages 24-27 in the Illustrated World Atlas.

We also watched another Netflix show the kids really liked called "Really Wild Animals: Totally Tropical Rainforest". 


The Auca people we are hearing about in our Nate Saint story, reminded us of the Yanomamo people we read about on Monday. It is so sad to read of the killing and hatred between people, the mistreatment of women, and the child brides. I came across an article in a National Geographic magazine about Child brides when visiting a relative's house a while back. So, so sad and heartbreaking! You can see the full article here. I will warn you though, although there are no graphic pictures, many of the factual issues facing child brides are discussed and are likely to turn your stomach as it did mine. 

We had a GREAT week and were so glad to get out of the house and meet Honey. 

How was your week?

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  1. OUCH about the straw cut in the throat!! Poor kid!

    But the day with Honey the police dog would've been great fun!

  2. We just watched that Science Rainforest video yesterday. Thanks for the heads up on the straw flute. Your kids videos are cute.

  3. Those flutes sound great :o) Thanks for linking up and sharing your week!


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