Saturday, October 15, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 11 - Head Hunters, story spoilers, and an 'egg'speriment

Our Week in Review

Before I jump into this week's review, let me start off by saying, the Nate Saint Bible notes you are supposed to read from the MFW manual each day this week will spoil the Nate Saint Christian Heroes chapter book you read each day...specifically starting with Wednesday's Bible notes. I did not like the fact the chapters and Nate Saint Bible notes were not better aligned. The first few Bible notes seemed redundant as well. Knowing what I know now, so as not to spoil the story or be overly redundant, I would follow this plan instead...

  Day 1 - Read chapter 11 as indicated in the lesson plans then do Monday's Bible notes on Nate Saint and plane activity as indicated in the lesson plans.
Day 2 - Read chapter 12 as indicated in lesson plans only.
Day 3 - Read chapter 13 then read Day 2's Nate Saint Bible notes.
Day 4 - Read chapter 14 and 15 then read Day 3's Nate Saint Bible notes as a recap.
Day 5 - Read chapter 16 (it's very short) then read Day 4 and 5's Nate Saint Bible notes.


We decided to wait until this week to make our Brazilian treats. On Monday, we made Brigaderiros...4 simple ingredients to toss into the pot, then we kept stirring and stirring and stirring and stirring, well, you get the idea. No joking, I think we stirred for 20 minutes!

I really didn't think the kids were going to like them, but they surprised me...S, A, Dad, and my other brother (J) gobbled them up. J ate his 1st one, but wanted no more. I licked my fingers and that was enough for me ;)  


The kids took turns reading pages 106-109 in Living World. We decided to look up some videos to go long with what we read. Short videos depicting the Argus pheasant dance can be found here and the Peacock dance hereChameleon color change here.

We learned about eggs and God's design for bird reproduction through laying eggs. We also learned of the egg arch shape and how its shape is one of the sturdiest and strongest shapes in architecture. The kids, as well as myself, were quite surprised at how hard it was to break the egg. 

It was only until we fractured or made a tiny crack in the egg that we were able to break them by squeezing.

The next part of our 'egg'speriment, as J called it, was to see how much weight our egg arches could hold.

12 workbooks and 2 spiral notebooks later and the back 2 egg arches collapsed.

The 'popping' sound of the shells made us all jump. LOL!


{We consider the read-alouds as part of Bible.} As we were reading Chapter 11 in 'Nate Saint' this week, the kids were intrigued with shrunken heads and wanted to know more. Before delving more into the subject, I took the time to explain how sad it was that people were killed for this and how sad it was for the Jivaro people to not know the one true God who could save them from this kind of life and treatment of others. With that being said, we looked up pictures of shrunken heads on the Internet. Of course then the kids wanted to know how they shrunk heads.  I found a short article here and we discussed a few of the elements they saw in the pictures...not everything though :-/

The kiddos also had fun flying (or *trying* to fly) their little yellow Nate Saint planes.

I hope you had a great week as well!

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  1. Wow! Week 11 already...this year is going so fast!

    Happy Fall!

    Love, kathi

  2. Thank you so much for the detail of the schedule! I know that will help us so much when we finally get to week 11! Your posts are always so helpful. Have a great week.

  3. Looks like a fun week. We're starting week 10 now. The egg experiment looks fun!

  4. Thanks for the tips on the Nate Saint reading/notes! I'm sticking a post-it in my book for when we get there. It such a help to have other folks slightly ahead of us in the MFW ECC journey. :)

  5. Looks like your family had a great week. So much fun! We liked the egg experiment too.


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