Saturday, October 29, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 13 - Being ignored, a sad kitty, and sky terrors!

Our Week in Review

Well, this week has been a bit crazy! Realized (a few days after the fact) that our cat was missing...and she's an inside house bad is that! We found her in the laundry room closet - traumatized, of course. Poor thing! She has a bad habit of running into a room just as we are closing the door. This week was insane running here and there that we just never stopped long enough 1) to realize she was missing and 2) to hear her crying and pawing at the door. Sad, sad kitty!

Tuesday was pretty much a wash. We attended my high school brother's cross-country meet and between that, the park, band practice, and dance practice that day, it left very little room for school-ish things. So we took the day off :)

Ahh, there's nothing quite like getting up early in the morning (with kids in tow), driving 2 hours round trip to watch your brother run, get eaten up by mosquitos THE ENTIRE TIME because they are immune to bug spray, then totally be ignored like you are not even there because your brother is too cool to even acknowledge your existence in front of his friends. Good times....NOT !!!


The kids thoroughly enjoyed the Lapp felt project. The felt was a bit hard to cut and I thought they'd poop out on me and give up, but I was really surprised at their creativity and sticktoitivness!  How do you like that word ;)



Science & Geography

Sorry, I know this section is pretty empty. We managed to squeeze in some of the required book reading, but had trouble completing ANY of the fun outside activities. The mosquitos were TERRIBLE! There was not enough bug spray in the world that could keep us out there. Oh, cold front, please move in quickly so these sky terrors will move out! We did manage to squeeze in a few zips around the merry-go-round at the park where my brother's cross-country meet was being held though. 

We also tried out another hair-do on A. This one was super simple and only involved pony-tails and a lot of twisting.

I get most of these hairstyle ideas from

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