Friday, October 21, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 12 - Free viking lapbook, fire safety, and a hair-do

Our Week in Review


Man! We are lovin' art this year! That is a far cry from last year. Why, you might ask? I am a procrastinator...well on some things anyway. Gathering art supplies is at the top of my list. This past summer, following the advice from a friend (thanks again, Rachel), I went through my MFW manual and made a list of all the art supplies I might possibly need throughout the school year. I get the Hobby Lobby weekly e-mails, and as something I need goes on sale, I look at my list, then buy the items when they are on-sale. Some things just never go on sale, so that is when those 40% off coupons come in real handy. This does take a little time and planning to get your supply list together, but then you have all summer long to gather and buy your supplies, plus, you'll save a ton of money and your hubby should like that part ;) 

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to simply walk over to my school cabinet and know, whatever supplies I need for their art project that day, will be there :) 

The kids enjoyed this project. Naturally, the boys were not thrilled about creating flowery designs, but when I told them they only had to draw flowery things on just 1 side of their boxes, they were ok with it. Of course, they chose to draw them on the back or the bottom where no one would see them ;)


A great, short ariel video of Stockholm can be found here. Beautiful! My kids were fascinated by the fact it is 14 islands separated by water and bridges.

Beautiful pictures of Big Ben are found here.

Here are a few good pictures of Stonehenge.

Click here for a free viking lapbook. Once you get to the page, scroll down about 3/4 of the way and you'll see the downloadable pages. This site, Dynamic 2 Moms, overall has some great free lapbooks, notebooks, and units for homeschoolers. 

The kids also enjoyed a field trip to the local Fire Museum. This may have been our last trip to the museum though. My kids are getting older *sniff sniff* and moving on to other things. 

And last, but not least....we tried a new hair-do on A. 

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  1. Looks like y'all had a wonderful week! And I love that hair style!

  2. You were so smart to have all the crafts prepared! I never got around to that before the year started and I do feel like I am playing catch up. I know my son will feel the exact same way with the flowers- I'm sure some how he will turn it into Star Wars. I also love the hair- beautiful!

  3. love your post :) we tried that same hair style on my daughter Gracie and it looked so cute, too....

  4. Awesome hair style. So creative! Glad you had such a great school week.

  5. I love the hobby lobby coupons too! Her hair looks adorable! Thanks for linking up and sharing your week.


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