Saturday, September 15, 2012

Creation to the Greeks Week 2

Here are a few highlights from our week.


In Lesson #3, the kiddos learned about long and short lines. A drew her pencil and paint brush right away. J begrudgingly drew his paintbrush, then slammed his hands down on the table and said it looked like a cigarette. He was so 'over the top' about it (you know, like the world was gonna end kind of thing - you just had to have been there) I could not contain my laughter which made him a little more mad. I explained to him that I was not laughing at his drawing, but at how he was acting. Anyway, it didn't help, but he managed to finish his drawing (quite dramatically, I might add) and I had to contain my laughter all the more.
J's is the bottom pic.

It's going to be a long year for art...


I used to have a wonderful placemat timeline with the descendants of Adam and Noah. It was color coded, graphed, and listed out, but sadly, it was nowhere to be found...stored away and forgotten somewhere I'm sure.

Here is a timeline I found that worked for us though. I'm sure it's not exact, but it seems to be close.

Here is a link to pictures of the life-size ark replica that is on display in the Netherlands.

The kids understand things so much better when they have pictures to look at.

The Tanglewoods' Secret

I am really enjoying this story! J seems to like it too. A - not so much. I think it is because the naughtiness of the little girl reminds her of of some of the same things she is working through right now. This story could not have come at a better time ;)


We are really enjoying the study of creation even though the kids know the basics already. It has been so interesting learning about dinosaurs! There is so much evidence out there to prove dinos and man co-existed together. If the Bible isn't enough (think dragons - that word was around looong before the word dinosaur), famous cr
edible people in history have written down and documented detailed encounters with these dragons with such accuracy. Why is it we are allowed to believe their accounts of other historical happenings, but disregard anything they said about dragons?! Petroglyphs, carvings, drawings, writings, artifacts, etc... have all been found in nearly every major civilization that match up EXACTLY with scientists' descriptions of certain dinos today. I wish evolutionists would open up their eyes and consider ALL the evidence...not just the evidence that fits their theories :(

Here is a link to some neat dino related activities. (Thanks again to Hydrangeas and Harmony for posting this great link!)


We have not been thrilled with the experiments from the Genesis book so far. The light and water experiment didn't really work like I had hoped (perhaps it was not dark enough), but this short 1 minute video we found on you tube did work.

Below is a 2 minute video from Bill Nye the Science Guy on bending and bouncing light. This video is safe, but you have to be careful with Bill as he is a huge evolutionist.

The experiment where we took a glass cup filled with water and tried to see the different colors of light didn't work at all...maybe it wasn't sunny enough. Anyway, here is one more video (6 minutes) from Bill Nye demonstrating light and color.

Hope you guys had an awesome week as well!


  1. Great week!! I had to laugh at your son and the art lesson. We are doing CTG this year too and loving it. We skip some of the experiments though since we are also a part of Classical Conversations. Thanks for the videos and links!

  2. We are enjoying the Tanglewoods Secret too! Thanks for linking up and sharing your great week!

  3. Oh goodness, we have art drama at our house too. And all sorts of other drama when schoolwork is "too hard". :) We loved learning about dinosaurs too----I had no idea how much evolutionary thinking I had in my head and how clueless I really was about exactly what Genesis 1-11 says. It was an enlightening week for all of us, but me especially. TFS your week!


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