Monday, September 24, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

This week has been a little crazy. 

I have no idea what I was thinking when I scheduled so many appointments in the same week as school, a camping trip, and another Biblical feast. Plus, there was the added element of Granny going into the hospital unexpectedly. 

It hit me Sunday night after we got home from the Emergency Room to just how busy this week was going to be. So, Monday morning, I spent some time redoing the lesson plans so we could at least get some school in.

We stripped it down to just the basics. We took another break from My Father's World. Week 3 of CtG is now scheduled for next week.

Monday was school basics, a dentist appointment, an eye appointment, a visit to Granny in the hospital, and my daughter's Hip Hop class. I only remembered her class because the calendar on my phone alerted me by sending me a 10 minute warning bell. We were in the next town over on our way home from the hospital, but she made it to class...20 minutes late. The good news for that day is Granny was released to go home later that night :-D

Tuesday was a little better. I am actually glad my son's band practice was postposed till the following week...that created a tad bit of breathing room. Whew! Some school basics, some camping planning and shopping, and an appointment to get fingerprinted in order to renew my teaching degree should I ever decide to go back to teaching in the public school.

Wednesdays are always crazy. We call Wednesdays our 'Granny Days'. We get in half a day of school and then head to Granny's to spend time with her and help her with whatever she needs for a few hours. Their Paw-Paw lives right across the street and the kids hadn't seen him in a while, so we spent close to an hour over there that day as well. After that, it was straight home to change for church, then fill up my van with neighborhood kids and head to AWANA. I am really thankful for the family meals our church does on Wednesday nights. I don't know when we would fit eating into the schedule if they didn't already have it done for!

No time for school on Thursday. Instead, a last minute father-son golf outing, 2 daytime dance classes for my daughter, packing and loading up for camping, and a foot doctor appointment {good news - no surgery required...bad news - arthritis and a bone spur :(  .} By that evening, we were ready to head off on our little camping trip.
Golfing...notice the large nutria rat in the background

We sold our travel trailer last year to pay off my van, so this will be our first 'roughing it' camping trip in a tent. We used to tent camp all the time before we had kids and have since been spoiled with 'travel trailer' camping. So, it was interesting adjusting to tent camping again.

But it really wasn't bad at all.

The nights were cool which meant sleeping outside without air conditioning was bearable. We definitely have to invest in some better sleeping mats though. Our air mattress had a hole and kept losing air and the foam padding didn't help at all. 

We did get a chance to do several science experiments though mentioned in the Genesis science book. The kids loved them and thought they were really cool.
J using a magnifying glass and the sun's rays to start a worked!

Using a magnifying glass and the sun's rays to carve the letter A and a flower into an old piece of wood.

Using a magnifying glass and the sun's rays to carve the letter J and a lightning bolt into an old piece of wood.
The lake was super clear. We could go out thigh deep and still see our feet! That is my kind of water. I do NOT like to go in water that I can't see though. The kids had a blast!

We have mastered the art of tin-foil fire cooking, rode our bikes..forever, and remembered how convenient it was to have a bathroom a few feet away for those middle of the night trips.

We survived though and are looking forward to another camping trip soon :-D

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  1. Sounds like a productive week!
    If you are up for company on your next camping trip let us know. We would love to join you!



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