Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 1 (Part 1)

Here are a few highlights from our week.

In art, the kids learned about frustration. I am so glad this was the first lesson because if anyone in our family gets easily frustrated when it comes to art, it is my son. Hopefully, that lesson about Joni Eareckson Tada will stick with him in the coming months. 

If you are not familiar with Joni, she has quite an amazing story. She was paralyzed from the shoulders down in her teens, yet, with God's help, went on to accomplish many things as well as create amazing artwork using just her mouth. Check some of her work out here.

Trying their hand at drawing by mouth

Can you guess what they drew? The top is J's and the bottom is A's. She drew it by mouth, but colored it by hand. I was a little late in snapping her picture. My son, the ever frustrated artist, decided against coloring and that having to draw it was enough. lol!

We started where it all began...the book of Genesis. We watched several short and amusing video clips to go along with our studies - What's in the Bible with Buck Denver , Bentley Bros. Genesis, and many more.

I like to follow along with what Jennifer and her kids are doing over at Hydrangeas and Harmony which is where I attribute finding many of these great video clip and songs links :)

We did not have time to do the Sabbath celebration this week due to an out of town trip we took on Friday. So, we sort of split CtG this week into 2 (hence the Part 1 post title). Next week, we are going to do a few more artsy craftsy things to prepare for our Sabbath celebration, then celebrate it this coming Friday and Saturday. We are really looking forward to it!

The kids are enjoying the dinosaur studies. They really wonder what it was like for Adam and Eve to live in harmony along-side these 'dragons'.  Jase even brought out his mini-TRex replica he put together a few years ago to compare it with the pictures in Dinosaurs of Eden. We laughed at how monstrous its head, mouth, teeth, and legs were...yet, it had these tiny little arms. My husband said that was God's sense of humor...LOL!

We have been studying about light and the tricks your eyes can play on you when looking at different things. The examples in the science book were not that great, but we happened to have a book called Optical Tricks which had some excellent optical allusion examples.

After school one day, the kids had some fun riding the go-kart around the yard. Sometimes, they just get along so well, and other times...not so much - lol!

Hope you guys had an awesome week as well!


  1. It looks like you had another great week! I'm glad the video links are helpful to you. :) You will definitely love the Shabbat celebration. We did ours 'out of order' too but making the timing of it fit our schedule helped to make it a much more relaxed and enjoyable. Blessings!

  2. Ha, ha! Thanks for the insight on Jase's artistic side. I did get him to draw something on his orange binder. He promised he would add to it over the months to come. He does have a great imagination! Sounds like y'all had a great week. So fun to read your blog!

  3. p.s. we love what's in the Bible. We have them all and you are welcomed to borrow if you don't have them.

  4. Joni came to our church several years ago.. amazing woman! The MFW linky is up if you want to link your post!


  5. Thanks everyone! I'll be over to link up soon, Monica :)

  6. I love checking out other MFW families. We are new to it this year, doing ECC, so I enjoy seeing what is ahead in CTG and gathering ideas already. I've seen several other families do the painting by mouth- so cool!


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