Friday, September 2, 2011

God?...What on earth are you doing?!? (part 1)

Have you ever felt like this? ...Like you knew God was up to something, but you had no idea what and you just didn't have enough pieces of the puzzle to see the big picture yet?

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster and every time I finally reach the top - those efforts are to no avail and I come spiraling down again.

I know God has a plan, I know He knows what is going on, and I know He works for the good of those who love Him.

Knowing all that...It's still hard...

God has been faithful every time though. In His timing, HE has shown me parts of the puzzle my entire life. We as humans want to see it ALL though. I know God does this for our own good. If he was to show us the big picture, we'd most likely spend a better part of our time trying to circumvent the picture rather than spending our time helping Him put the picture together.

I think back to a time we were members at a church in the next town over. Beautiful church, wonderful people,  great pastor...but for some reason...we felt God calling us away from there. Why? We had no clue. We really liked it there and were very involved in teaching and helping in the church. We just knew God said it was time to go. So, while in the end stages of being pregnant with my daughter and shortly after giving birth to her, my husband started visiting a few churches here and there in the town we lived in. We explained to our current church family our reasons behind our absence {one obvious reason being I had just had a baby, another was that we felt called to go to a church in the town we lived in or at least closer to the town we lived in, and the biggest reason...God simply told us it was time to go}.  It was hard doing that, but it was the truth and something that needed to be done.

Several weeks after having my daughter, the rest of the family started to visit the churches that topped my husband's list and not too long after that, we settled into regularly visiting just one church. We liked the church ok. We weren't thrilled though, but still... we felt like this was where we needed to be. It took us a VERY long time to join... I'd say upwards of several months to a year.

It was during our first year or two here at this church that God revealed to us a little piece of the puzzle as to why we had been called away from our previous church.

To make a long story short...unbeknownst to us, something was brewing under the surface.  After we started visiting other churches, over the course of the next several years, our previous church went through a lot of finger pointing, allegations, the loss of their preacher, a massive split, more allegations, a subsequent fire, then even more allegations. The people were hurting, friendships were severed, and ultimately one church became two.

Looking back, I'd like to think God protected us from all of that. We had no clue what was going on (nor do we wish to know all the details), but God knew.

I am happy to say though, many years later, I hear amends have been/are still being made and both churches are doing well.

Looking back, that was just ONE piece to the puzzle, but there is more...

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