Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 6 - Mexico - FIESTA!

Our Week in Review

This week was CrAZy! Not only was there a holiday on Monday, Meals on Wheels on Wednesday, and the first day of co-op class on Friday, but the kiddos also wanted to have a fiesta Friday evening to bring our Mexico trip to a close. So, why not! It is still early on in the school year and I still have energy to spare {for now anyway}. We decorated, cooked, and invited over friends and family to celebrate :) 


Ok, the "Chi Chi Bud" song from Jamaica is HILARIOUS! We listened to it about 5 times through the first time laughing the whole way...especially at the "ugly bird" part. There was also another part where the kids thought he sang "some o' democrat". My son said, "What?! A democrat bird? Are there republicans too?" The song actually said, "Some o' dem are crow". Crow...democrat...whatever ;)  LOL! I got a REALLY good laugh out of that one :)

We had planned to the 'framed tin plate' on page 124 of Global Art, but ran out of time this week. We have all the supplies, so we'll have to catch this craft at a later date.


We touched on several of the more interesting facts on in "A Trip Around the World". They also took turns picking out things of interest to read on the assigned pages in  Illustrated World Atlas and Living World.

Kiddos did a great job coloring their Mexico flags and writing down some important information underneath.


In "Properties of Ecosystems," we talked about an oasis and looked at a few pictures on the internet. I had to seriously condense all the info and just focused on the highlights of an oasis. The experiment we did with the leaves on page 85 was pretty neat. By this time, we had forgotten what transpiration was and had to go back to page 80 to refresh our memories. The kids were amazed at how much water and moisture had collected in the baggies. {we did not do anything on page 86}


Still trucking along with Cameron Townsend :)

And now...without further ado...our FIESTA!
Enchiladas, hard and soft tacos (not pictured - Chips and salsa and taco soup)

Making paper flowers
A and her friend all dressed up with their tissue paper flowers.

Mexican Hat Dance

Pinata time!

The little guy in the back wanted to be Batman, but he looks more like a character from Star Wars...lol!

Making sopapillas...yum! The boys all bailed on me at this point. ;)

What do you do with the left-over pinata parts? Make a skirt, of course! L's Daddy will *love* this picture ;)

Kids had a blast in Mexico. Now Canada, here we come!

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  1. Love it~! What a wonderfully FUN fiesta! Were they all studying Mexico? Or was this just a great excuse to have friends over? Either way...FUN!

  2. The fiesta looks like tons of fun! We are just starting Mexico....we may have to have one too! Thanks for linking up and sharing your crazy week :0)

  3. 3 of the kiddos were studying about Mexico. A few of the others are doing MFW, but are not yet in Countries and Cultures. And yes, it was a GREAT excuse to have friends over :)

  4. Love the fiesta food! yum My girls have tissue paper flowers hanging in their room They are definately a hit for little girls.

  5. how do you make the tissue flowers??? I have never seen them before?

  6. *You take about 6 sheets of tissue paper and fold them like a fan...accordian style about 1 -2 inches per fold. (The flowers where we used different colors turned out the best.)
    *After folding, cut the paper in half. (Each half makes 1 flower). {The longer the tissue paper, the larger in diameter the flower will be.}
    *Trim each end decoratively (we rounded our ends).
    *We took colorful pipe cleaners and twisted them around the center of each of the folded papers.
    *Next, we fanned out the papers forming a circle. Then worked to separate each layer of paper by pulling upwards and downwards making the flowers really full.
    *The book I used recommends taping the ends together, our were so full, they held their shape fine without tape.

    Here's a quick you tube video that shows the process


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