Friday, September 23, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 8 - Canada - Preread Science ;)

Our Week in Review

Science will definitely want to preread Living World pages 16&17 as suggested in the MFW manual. I homeschool very inquisitive 7, 8, & 9 year olds and I knew if I covered everything listed and pictured on those pages, there would be more questions to follow...questions I am not ready to tackle yet... :-P
So, we started out by talking about how plants reproduce (seeds, pollination) and then I let them lead out the next part of the conversation by asking them, "How do animals have babies?" We talked about the chicken/duck laying eggs, the spider and her egg sac, the frog laying eggs in water, and the goat/horse/dog/cat (and even humans) growing babies in their bellies. We also talked about how it was God's design (waaay back to Adam and Eve) to create males and females and that, wether we are talking about ducks, frogs, horses, or humans, have to have a male and a female (or a man and a woman) to have a baby. So far so good...Whew! Moving right along before any difficult questions popped!  
I know there will be a time when the Lord leads us to talk about these things in more detail with our children and I know, when that time comes, He'll give my husband and I the right words to say, but this week was not that week :)

The Celery experiment went well. The kids actually had a lot of fun trying to peel out all the xylem tubes...and they really did look like tiny little tubes! After setting up the experiment, the kids took the remaining celery pieces and beat each other over the heads...AHEM!...battled each other with them outside ;)

With xylem

without xylem


The maple leaf print turned out ok. If I could give just 1 tip, it would be to go behind your kids, using a pencil or toothpick, and make the imprints deeper. I thought, "I don't need to do that... we picked robust, veiny leaves, and our imprints looked plenty deep", but by the time the kids painted over them and them pressed them down on the paper, the imprints wore down a bit and did not show up as well as I had hoped. Nevertheless, they had fun! 


Kiddos took turns reading the required selections from Illustrated World Atlas. However, we did not to the advanced section for Monday. 

They really enjoyed the crossword puzzle on Tuesday. The boys were pretty familiar with them already, but I had to explain it to my daughter. It was a fun way to go over some interesting facts about Canada. 

Kids are still enjoying the geography game :)

We also tried a new hair-do out on my daughter. We made bows using her own hair AND we went to see the new movie on Friday "Dolphin Tale". This one is definitely a must-see family movie :)
To see this hairstyle and many others, check out

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  1. The hair bows are cute. My youngest has long enough hair to try it! Do they tangle up? I bet my girls will want to have a celery battle too. Gotta love kids!

  2. Ooh---thanks for the heads up about pre-reading science and about the maple leaf print. We're headed into weeks 5-6 (Mexico) but then we'll be in Canada. The celery experiment (and battle?!!?) looks fun.

  3. Thanks for the maple leaf tips, we will be doing those soon! I love the hair too...cute! Thtnaks for linking up and sharing!

  4. No, her hair did not tangle up and she wore it that way all day. Of course, by then end of the day, the bow didn't so much look like a bow anymore. lol! We sprayed it down a bit with some water to get the fly-a-ways in check...not drenched, just a little damp. That helped me make the bow form look a little better.


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