Friday, September 2, 2011

God?...What on earth are you doing?!? (part 2)

So, there we were at our current church. We had settled in, made some friends, and got busy right away working where God had planted us. The church was growing by leaps and bounds and a new sanctuary went up with plans to add more buildings in the future. I was ecstatic because during this course of time, God had called me to home school. In the beginning, I knew of only 1 other family who had taken that leap of faith, but fast forward several years, and we had our own little homeschooling community :)

Then....more changes. 

Again, to make a long story short...over the course of about 6-7 years... the youth director was called into music ministry at another church, our preacher was called away to preach at another church, an interim preacher came, a new youth director came, and a year later that same youth director left. 

This roller coaster was taking me on twists and turns I'd rather not go on and I wished I could get off. During this course of time, we struggled and we prayed. We tried visiting another church or 2 with friends, but didn't feel called to be anywhere but where we were. 

Ugh! I did not like what was going on, not one bit! finally happened! We were close to finding a new preacher!!! And boy did God have a doozie in mind :) And I totally mean that in a good way. LOL!  We voted, he and his lovely wife came, things were going great, and I even joined the choir ;)  

Right around the same time, the education minister announced he was going to another church. Ok, right when things were looking up that was a bit of a downer, but I think we were still on this high of FINALLY finding a preacher that it affected me, but not to extent that it would have if we had not found a preacher yet. Does that make sense? Not to take anything away from the education minister or his family or anything... they were very nice, wonderful, hard-working people who had been members at the church longer than we had been. I know that was a very hard decision for them to make, but when the Lord says gotta listen.

Looking back though, our church needed some shaking up. In my mind, I think we had become complacent. Things, that I didn't necessarily like at the time, had to happen in order for our church to take on a new direction and boy were we heading full steam in a new direction!!! God had decided it was time to reveal yet another piece of the puzzle to me and things were starting to make sense again.

Then....{and I feel like the dramatic "Duhn, Duhn, Duhn" music score should be playing here} it happened again...

STOP, STOP, STOP! No more changes! I want to get off this crazy roller coaster! 

A piece of the puzzle was removed and this "picture" was turning out to be NOT the picture I had in mind...

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  1. Okay... I know you are not leaving that hanging like that..... ;)

    Can't wait to see you next week! I have missed your smiling face!!



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