Friday, September 16, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 7 - Canada

Our Week in Review


The inuit soap carving was a total disaster. By the time the kiddos were done, their soap carvings looked like a pile of good-smelling snow. We used the ivory soap as suggested, but it it just kept crumbling apart. I think the soap may have gotten too warm perhaps during shipping/transport to the store because when I took off the wrappers, they wanted to stick terribly to the soap and soap looked very dried out. Oh well :(


The kids took turns reading about long-term changes in Living World. They had fun making their food chains and learning about scavengers and decomposers in Properties and Ecosystems. They also had fun recalling several gross maggot stories of when they had come across decomposing things in the yard. When you live on 2 acres with all sorts of wild critters, you come across dead things from time to time. YUCK!


We stamped our passports, boarded our plane (AirCanada), and headed north to Canada. The kids are still enjoying playing the geography game and are learning more each time. On Friday, we revisited our missionary friends blog...Go and Be. The Johnson's are missionaries in Canada and have some great pictures of First Nations children, street ice hockey, and of course, snow, snow, snow


I have really enjoyed learning about the founders of the Salvation army!  There is a S.A. shelter in the next town over and I have personally known people who have been helped thru the S.A. with food, clothing, shelter, work, and of course, learning about Jesus. The Salvation Army helped us and our town tremendously after Hurricane Rita too. The town was a disaster area, no ice, no electricity for weeks, and of course, no stores open to buy food. The Salvation Army was one of the first ones on the scene passing out hot meals and ice each day. We, and so many others, were so appreciative and grateful for them. So learning about the Salvation Army, the founders, and its beginnings, was extra meaningful to us :) 

Did you learn anything new or interesting this week!

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  1. Come to think of it, I don't know much at all about the Salvation Army either. Guess I should google it!

  2. I am looking forward to learning more about the Salvation Army. Thanks for sharing and linking up. Sorry to hear about your soap carving issue. I will let you know how ours goes.

  3. Monica, I'll be looking for that post. I have several blogs I follow who are a few weeks or so behind me in ECC and I'd love to see how y'alls soap carvings turn out :)

  4. I always tell the kids that the experiments (like soap carving, or in our case butter making) that don't work out are just as important as the ones that do. :)

  5. Looks like so much fun! MFW ECC was one of my favorite years. It's been a while. I know we did the soap carvings, but I don't remember how they turned out.
    We have a Salvation Army not too far from us. Sometimes on Saturday evenings, they let our Sunday School bring in dinner and eat with the residents. It's a lot of fun and gives the staff a little break. Lately, most of the people staying there are people who owned homes and had good jobs a couple of years ago.

  6. We have tried the Inuit carving too and found that Ivory didn't work as well as Dove did. Anyway, sounds like a good week!


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